The fast, open and secure display server for any device

From mobile and desktop shells to IoT devices and robots. Whether you are building the smart screen for your information kiosk, digital signage display, in-car entertainment stack, or home automation interface, Mir on Ubuntu is your fastest and most secure path to deployment.

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What is Mir?

Introducing a secure display server for IoT devices

Mir is a system-level component that can be used to unlock next-generation user experiences. It runs on a range of Linux powered devices including traditional desktops, IoT and embedded products. Mir is a replacement for the X window server system, commonly used on Linux desktop devices. It allows device makers and desktop users to have a well-defined, efficient, flexible, and secure platform for their graphical environment.

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Select the right display server for you

Mir is a library for writing graphical shells for GNU/Linux and similar operating systems. It incorporates much of what traditionally requires multiple components: a window manager, a compositor and a display server.

Ubuntu Frame trademark

Ubuntu Frame is a fullscreen shell for edge devices. Whether you are building a kiosk, point of sale, IoT device or any other product that requires a graphical output or display to the user, Ubuntu Frame instantly allows your device to run a fullscreen window.

egme wordmark

Miriway is a lightweight, basic, usable graphical shell, for desktop environments. This basic shell includes several keyboard shortcuts and optional support for workspaces and shell components.

Flexibility and Versatility

Mir was designed for a number of applications

Whether on embedded systems, desktop or portable devices, Mir can be used in several applications. This includes phones, healthcare kiosks, smart mirrors, and more. Mir runs on a number of Linux operating systems and its snaps are available and work on Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and more.

Easy setup and deployment

Mir is the fastest path for the deployment of your smart display

Through features such as Ubuntu Frame, developers instantly have a black screen with a mouse pointer to run any application you want. Mir instantly turns any device into a kiosk or digital signage solution.


Mir reduces the attack vector of display applications

Mir was designed from the ground-up with security in mind. With Mir, applications only talk to the server, and the server is careful about the information provided to applications.


Mir uses next-generation features but guarantees backwards-compatibility

Mir is designed to take advantage of modern hardware supporting GL and avoids unnecessary compositing steps. All of the window management logic is in the server process with no separate window manager process, removing communication overhead.

Mir Compatibility

Platform Driver Requirements Examples
gbm-kms KMS, libgbm and an EGL supporting
RPi3b (vc4)
RPi4 (V3D)
Intel (i915)
Nvidia (Nouveau)
AMD (radeon)
eglstream-kms Proprietary Nvidia drivers Nvidia
dispmanx Proprietary Broadcom DispmanX API
android 3rd party (UBports) works with a libhybris container for Android drivers
x11 A host environment supporting X11 Ubuntu Desktop
wayland A host environment supporting Wayland wl_shell Ubuntu Wayland Desktop

Full enterprise support available
with no subscription needed

Optional 24/7 support with 10 year security maintenance

As the publishers of Mir, we deliver the world's most efficient display server and signage solution for Ubuntu.

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