Simplify the development of embedded displays

Ubuntu Frame is a reliable and secure display server for embedded Linux devices with long term support. Simple to configure, simple to deploy.

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The foundation for embedded graphical display implementations

Ubuntu Frame streamlines the build and development of products that need graphical output. Ubuntu Frame bundles communication protocols, input protocols, and security policies into a single kit, which can then be used in embedded devices. Whether you are building an interactive kiosk, a digital signage solution or any other product that requires a graphical output, Ubuntu Frame instantly allows your device to run your fullscreen application.

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Compatible with popular graphical toolkits

One tool, all key interaction functionalities

Besides keyboard and mouse input, Ubuntu Frame also automatically enables all the functionality that end–users expect while interacting with digital displays. This includes a wide range of touch gestures such as: multi–finger support, swipe, zoom in and out, touch to focus, and more. It also comes with its own on–screen keyboard.

How to get started with
Ubuntu Frame

  1. Setup your device

    You need either Ubuntu Core or a version of Linux supporting snaps

  2. Install Ubuntu Frame

    $ sudo snap install ubuntu-frame
  3. Install your application

    $ sudo snap install [your-app]


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More time for innovation

Out-of-the-box, Ubuntu Frame automatically enables all that you need to deploy embedded graphic applications, including input modalities, windows behaviours and dynamics, and secure client-server communications. Less integration and maintenance challenges, more time to work on your graphic application.

More time for innovation
Simplified development

Simplified development

Stop adding a dedicated board and mobile OS just for your display. Reduce integration complexity, costs and security vulnerabilities with a solution that perfectly matches your underlying architecture. With Ubuntu Frame, installing the full graphical stack in your embedded Linux device is as simple as one single command.

Learn how to develop GUIs for IoT with our developer guide ›

A reliable graphical server

Ubuntu Frame reliability has been widely tested in the field. Its technology has been in development for over 7 years and in production for 5 years. As such, Ubuntu Frame is one of the most mature graphical servers available today for embedded devices.

Supported for your device lifetime
Supported for your device lifetime

Supported for your device lifetime

When used in conjunction with Ubuntu Core, the OS tailored for the IoT, Ubuntu Frame comes with 10 years of security updates.

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Designed for enhanced security

Thanks to Ubuntu Frame's own secure socket, applications can only talk exclusively to the Ubuntu Frame server. This reduces attack vectors since there is no inter-process communication to be snooped on by malicious code.

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Ready for all boards, frameworks and applications

Minimise your costs and time to market: Ubuntu Frame is compatible with the most popular frameworks and silicon.

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